Early Intervention

  • This is the early Intervention class. In our class we work with children 3 years old and upwards. We care and educate our children in our class. We will re-write this section once we see this on the website. This last few sentences is just an example of what to put into the website under our page. We will delete this paragraph and re-write a small section and then we will be content with publishing it for real

    We are partaking in the following school awards:

    Green Schools:

    Green Schools

    St. Anne`s School is partaking in the Green Schools` programme. We hope to have a Green Schools`flag flying over our school very soon as the children and staff have worked very hard over the past couple of years to achieve a Green Flag for our school. We have put in place proactive steps for our school to be environmentally friendly with regard to our litter and waste.

    Our children have decided that our Green Schools` code  is:

                                               ” It`s Cool to be a Green School”!

    See more about the Green Schools programme at: https://greenschoolsireland.org/


    Health Promotion Schools:

    Health Promoting Schools

    St. Anne`s School is partaking in the Health Promoting Schools` initiative. We have regular meetings and a committee that decides on healthy actions throughout our school. We began the process in 2016 and hope to be awarded for our efforts soon.

    For more information on the Health Schools’ Initiative please click here: https://www.healthpromotion.ie/health/schools


    Active Schools:

    The Active School Flag (ASF) is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. St. Anne`s have taken part in this process throughout the 2016/ `17 school year and look forward to being awarded with the Active Schools` Flag soon. There are several activities that we have discussed and agreed upon for us to keep active including indoor activities like yoga and outdoor playing in our playground. Our Active school` slogan decided upon by our children is:

    ‘ Moving is Mindful’

    For more information on the Active Schools` Flag please click here: http://activeschoolflag.ie/


    Email the school’s Early Intervention team: earlyintervention@stanneschool.ie